Galle Lighthouse: Beacon by the Bay

Perched majestically on the southwest bastion of the Galle Fort—a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a prominent tourist destination in Sri Lanka—the Galle Lighthouse, also known as the Pointe de Galle Light, proudly stands as the oldest light station in the country.

The first iteration of the Galle Lighthouse was constructed by the British in 1848, only to succumb to fire in 1936. Rising from the ashes, the current lighthouse, erected just 100 meters from its predecessor in 1939, is a resplendent white cylindrical tower featuring a balcony and lantern. With a rhythmic flash of white light every 15 seconds, this beacon of the seas boasts a towering height of 26.5 meters and a focal height of 28 meters, offering a striking range of 25 nautical miles.

Among the 25 lighthouses in Sri Lanka, 16 remain active, predominantly managed by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, with some overseen by the Sri Lanka Navy. Notable international counterparts include the Barberyn (Beruwala) Lighthouse, Dondra Head Lighthouse, Little Basses Reef Lighthouse, and Great Basses Reef Lighthouse—stalwart structures dating back to the British colonial era, each adorned with expansive hyper radiant Fresnel lenses crafted in England.

Immerse yourself in the maritime legacy of Sri Lanka by visiting the Galle Lighthouse and exploring the network of historical beacons that have stood sentinel along the island's shores.

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