The Art of Tea Plucking in Sri Lanka

Step into the enchanting world of Sri Lanka with a tribute to the unsung heroes of our tea culture—the vibrant Sri Lankan tea pluckers. These dedicated artisans, primarily Tamil women adorned in colourful saris, bring life to our lush tea estates. Picture the dawn-to-dusk dance amidst tea bushes, where each pluck is a masterpiece, and each basket holds the promise of extraordinary flavour.

Wrapped in the rich tapestry of Tamil culture, these remarkable individuals don the symbol of tradition—a third eye delicately painted on their foreheads. Their hands, guided by a century-old technique, delicately gather tender leaves and buds, ensuring a tea of unparalleled quality. Witness the elegance as they carry baskets brimming with nature's bounty, destined for our signature Ceylon tea.

Beyond being the backbone of our tea industry, these artisans are the storytellers of our history. From the colonial era to the present, they've shaped the legacy of Sri Lankan tea. Their meticulous craftsmanship produces not just tea but an experience—a symphony of flavour, aroma, and health benefits that define our renowned Ceylon tea.

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