Are you interested in applying for a franchise license? Every year a large number of companies take that step forward. With a good reason, because such a partnership has many advantages. Taking over a proven franchise system has a higher success rate over new concept start-ups.

Why should you want to reinvent the wheel? Take advantage of the experience and support from a prove franchise product.

You are looking for a system suitable to your company’s situation and prerequisites. A system, which fits your expectations, is an additional stepping-stone in your portfolio and correspond with your capabilities. A system which you can finance within your financial means? In short: a system you will be successful with.

For the next follow-up with CURRY BOWL please answer the following questions required by the brand founders. Please answer truthfully and according to the facts. We will then provide you with information on how to proceed further.

This application form is provided to determine your suitability as a CURRY BOWL Franchisee, and the information provided will be relied upon to form the basis for a number of decisions by CURRY BOWL. All information contained in this application will be treated in strictest confidence. This application is not a contract and does not obligate either party in any manner.

Personal & Company Details

Why are you interested in Franchising?


Financial status

Existing capital resources
In the first step we only need to see how much capital you have at your disposal for such an endeavor, regardless of whether you are willing to invest or not. The amount you finally invest is a different question, which can be decided later on.


I understand that the purpose of this application is to assess my suitability as a Franchisee. It does not obligate the Franchisor, their agent or me and does not constitute an offer. I understand that references and previous employers may be contacted. I certify that all the information contained in this application is true and correct and agree to update this information as changes occur.

I confirm the use of personal data by Curry Bowl for franchise purpose.

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